About me, my life and other silly things

Hi visitor!

I'm Karlos, a young? developer born in the beautiful Basque Country, but used to live in other sunny countries as Scotland or Galicia. Well, maybe are not really sunny, but for sure are incredible places to live.

I started to develop websites 16 years ago, when a public internet site was opened in my village and the bug of the development bit me. Animated dogs running from left to right, envelopes turning on themselves, bloody fonts over black backgrounds... well, the typical site of Geocities. Then I decided what to do with my life (sometimes I regret, to find a famous and rich woman -it's an old dream- should be also ok, but my girldfriend is not agree): I would be developer.

Karlos meets Javascript

After a short time, and a lot of frustration trying to copy a few 'protected' images, I found a more complex language called Javascript. With the help of a book from the public library (surprise, you can still buy one!) and lot of patient, as I didn't know much english, I started to add interactivity to my website. Alerts, promts, and the most annoying elements of the language were added quickly to my homepage. I can't understand yet why Google, with that boring website, was successful and my web not. They are more luckier than me, I suppose.

Karlos meets PHP

Being a noob in development I realized how hard was to change a website. Edit HTML all the time to change a few things (in the time when the presentation was joined to the structure) was a hell for a non-experimented person. But more people in the world thinked the same, and PHPNuke appeared. If you, my dear visitor, are a bit old, you should remember a time when almost all the websites looked the same. PHPNuke was the guilty. The first PHP CMS, open source, free... Was a revolution and pushed PHP to be the most successful server language of the internet. I started to use it, and quickly I started to develop it. Was a hell of source (at least with my current knowledge), but was really interesting as educational platform. Even 2 modules developed by me was published in the PHPNuke website... I was really proud theses days!

More histories soon!